Video Analytics Now Available for Commercial Grade Cameras

End users with’s commercial grade cameras can now enjoy all the benefits of Pro Video with Analytics 3000 offering – triple the storage, plus video alerts that matter! Video analytics continuously scans and notifies the customer with an enhanced video alert only on what matters most to them like a delivery arrives, but not when the staff takes out the trash. Additionally Video Analytics Advantages

  • Advanced AI and computer vision
  • Categorizes vehicles, animals, and people
  • Pinpoints important activity
  • Virtual tripwires
  • Smart automations
  • Increase RMR

The Video Analytics for commercial-grade cameras requires the Pro Video with Analytics Service package, which includes 3000 video clips, and a compatible camera (ADC-VC726, ADC-VC736, ADC-VC826, or ADC-VC836). The cameras firmware will automatically be upgraded when the first video analytics rule is created.

For more information, visit the Knowledge Base.