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The PDU 2 Power Distribution Unit simplifies installations and reduces the cost of service by providing intelligent power optimized for networking systems. The PDU Series extends control from traditional rack enclosures to hard to reach displays - and everything in between.  The PDU 2 offers individual IP control of 2 outlets allowing the PDU to self-heal connected devices if they go down, and gives you the ability to do a hard reboot or power cycle connected devices via remote management platforms such as Domotz, Ihiji or other third-party control systems Рall without rolling a truck.
With intuitive setup and operation, pre-emptive problem notification and automatic problem resolution, Luxul PDUs ensure system reliability and uptime. The ability to choose local control or remote control via Domotz, Ihiji or other third-party control systems ensures system uptime and reliability while maximizing your productivity.
  • Individual IP outlet control of 2 outlets
  • Easy setup and control
  • IP “Autoping” and recovery for optimized system reliability
  • MOV surge and spike protection
  • Fast and easy configuration
  • Automatic actions improve system reliability
  • Automatic notification of connection status
  • Control start-up or shut-down with remote sequencing
  • Seamlessly interfaces with third- party control systems and cloud platforms for scheduling, control, reporting and customization
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Connected equipment warranty¬†
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The ASK-4 #300 is a single zone audio monitoring system designed ideally for connection to IP cameras or DVRs. When ceiling mounted, a Verifact A microphone can pick up sounds within a 30 diameter circle. The model IF-1 interface adapter connects to the microphone, supplies power to the microphone and drives audio into the input of the recording device.

ASK-4 #300
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The DTK-2MHTPWB from DITEK provides surge protection for two 130V telco circuits in a field-replaceable module with self-resetting fuse.

  • Protect two dialer circuits per module
  • Hybrid design delivers high surge current capacity and reliable voltage clamping for peak protection
  • Field-replaceable modules with hard-wired multi-base mounting system allows you to protect up to ten pairs with a common ground
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  • Megapixel resolution over standard coaxial / UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) cable
  • eZ upgrade to Full HD resolution
  • Supports hybrid cameras (CVI and HD-SDI cameras are not supported)
  • Supports 1080p, 720p, 960H or D1 simultaneous video inputs
  • H.264 compression format for enhancing recording capacity and improving network image transmission speed
  • eZ Controller function: Control camera OSD settings and PTZ operation directly from DVR end
  • Multiple Monitors: Separately configure main and call monitor outputs
  • High bandwidth recording with reduced bandwidth stream for mobile or multiplexed viewing applications.
  • Supports live monitoring and playback of video from mobile devices via MobileFocus (Plus) / MobileFocusHD (Plus) Apps.
  • Multiple Control Inputs: mouse / front panel / IR remote controller
  • Remote configuration supports from built-in web interface
  • Ethernet interface for remote network viewing and control
  • eZ Hopper function: Only one mouse to control up to 16 connected EverFocus DVRs / NVRs
  • Supports radio-controlled clock for time synchronization
  • Integration with Genie XMS CMS
  • Multi-language support
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The MultiMag series of electromagnetic locks are designed for easy installation and multi-purpose operation for interior or perimeter doors. The mounting bracket has keyhole mounting to support the magnet, freeing the installer's hands to affix the magnet mounting screws. The removable cavity cover offers quick, easy access to wiring. The RCI 8310 MultiMag® applies to single outswinging doors, while the RCI 8320 MultiMag® is for double outswinging doors. For additional security monitoring these electromagnetic locks offer optional door status & security condition sensors.

  • Energy: 230mA Auto-Sensing 12-24VDC (Max at 12VDC for 8310, 460mA for 8320)
  • Strength: Up to 1,200lbf Holding Force (Each Electromagnet)
  • Warranty: Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Mode: Fail-Safe
  • Fire-Rated: CAN/ULC S104 UL 10C 1-1/2-Hours
  • Monitoring: Optional Door Status Sensor (DSS)/ Security Condition Sensor (SCS) Available
8320 X 28
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IOTEGA Wireless Security & Automation Platform Kit

Includes one WS900 915Mhz control panel with built in LTE Verizon communicator, three PG9975 PowerG 915Mhz vanishing wireless door/window contacts and one PG9914 PowerG 915Mhz wireless PIR motion detector with Pet Immunity. Powered by SecureNet.

IOTEGA WS900 Features:

  • Wireless panel with table top installation
  • Your preferred offering of security and smart home devices
  • PowerG  Fully encrypted and reliable wireless security system - End to End 128-Bit AES Encryption
  • 99 user codes available  including Master Code
  • Compatible with SecureNet SmartLink+ and SmartTech
  • Local firmware update App
  • Ethernet, WiFi, cellular (LTE** or 3G) upgrade available
  • Dual path communication
  • Z-Wave Plus  500 series
  • Smooth-touch keypad for main security functions
  • Proximity sensor illuminates keypad with a simple gesture
  • 2-way audio alarm verification via cellular*
  • Built-in siren activates upon event trigger
  • End-user accessible SIM card slot,/li>
  • End-user replaceable battery
  • Compact and sleek design

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HD Plug-and-Play POE surveillance bundle. contains 1 x 8-channel real-time 8 poe port HD
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