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Wireless Flood Detector with 6-Foot Wire

Item #:WS4985 

The WS4985 Flood Detector is a wireless detector designed to work with the Alexor Wireless Panel as well as DSC 1-Way Wireless Receivers (see Compatibility List for further details). The WS4985 Flood Detector senses the presence of water in basements, laundry rooms, bathrooms, kitchen and numerous other areas where water may leak or flood, prompting advance warning of potential flooding.

The WS4985 is a 1-way wireless transmitter consisting of a probe connected to a wireless transmitter via a 6-foot (1.82 m) wire. The transmitter is installed at a higher level on the wall with the probe located at floor level or a desired height. In the event that there is a water leak, the probe will detect the moisture and deliver the information to the transmitter on the wall. The transmitter then sends the signal to either the Alexor Wireless Panel or DSC 1-Way Wireless Receivers to trigger the alarm. It is important to note that although the probe is sensitive, it has been designed to be immune to false triggers such as floor mopping, because the sensor head is recessed into the probes housing.

If the WS4985 is ever damaged or tampered with perhaps if the wire between the transmitter and the probe is cut), its trouble status will immediately signal the Alexor or DSC 1-Way Wireless Receivers and the device will instantly notify the alarm system. The detector also communicates low battery issues


  • Based on WS4945 wireless door/window contact
  • Water probe through a (1.8 m )6 foot-wire
  • Fully supervised
  • Built-in reed switch
  • Normally closed external contact input
  • 1 lithium battery included
  • Case and wall tamper
  • End-of-line resistor
  • 4 year battery life

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Wireless Flood Detector with 6-Foot Wire