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LTE Primary Cellular Alarm Communicator

Item #:LTE30EX 
Uplink LTE30EX
The Uplink LTE30EX is an LTE alarm communicator that features full event or summary event reporting for use as a primary communicator.
It offers dial-capture and smart siren/bell sampling to detect burglary or fire conditions for universal compatibility with almost every alarm system. The Uplink LTE30EX communicates to central stations by dialup to any industry standard receiver, or over the internet to an IP receiver — all with the exceptional service and features you’ve come to expect from Uplink, the leading supplier of wireless security solutions.
  • Perfect for residential and commercial alarm systems
  • Supports virtually all security systems with multiple formats
  • Web and smart phone apps for remote arming and disarming
  • Power from the panel or other 12V DC power source
  • Remote on-demand testing for status and signal strength
  • Installs in minutes with reliable end-to-end signal verification

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Uplink LTE30EX
LTE Primary Cellular Alarm Communicator