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Dual Path Fire Alarm Communicator - Verizon LTE Model

Item #:HWF2V-COM 
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The HWF2-COM Series LTE / IP fire communicators are single or dual path commercial fire alarm communicators that offer contact ID reporting with any fire alarm control panel (FACP) with a built-in dialer. 
The HWF2-COM Series LTE / IP fire communicators connect directly to the primary or secondary communication ports of a fire panel’s digital alarm communicator transmitter (DACT).
Three selectable reporting paths include: LTE cellular only, IP only, or IP primary with LTE cellular backup. All signals from the HWF2-COM Series are delivered to the AlarmNet® network control center which routes highly encrypted cyber secure Ethernet data packets via a customer provided Internet connection or LTE cellular network to the appropriate central station. The AlarmNet® network control center is fully redundant and monitored 24/7. 
Easy installation and programming through the AlarmNet 360 website, using the hand-held 7720P Programming tool, or using the control panel's programming mode (for panels that support this option).
  • LTE and IP connection tested every day
  • Three selectable reporting paths: LTE cellular only, IP only, or IP Primary with LTE cellular backup
  • Requires no change to the existing FACP configuration
  • Connects directly to the primary and secondary telephone ports of a DACT
  • Plan choices range from 5 minute, 60 minute,    6 hour, and 24 hour supervision intervals
  • Operates over the following communication protocols: LTE, HSPA+(4G) HSPA (3G)
  • Works over any type of customer provided Ethernet 10/100 based network connection 
  • (LAN or WAN), DSL model or cable modem
  • Data transmits over standard contact ID protocol but is secured with the industry's advanced encryption standard (AES 256 bit)
  • Supports both dynamic (DHCP) or public and private Static IP addressing
  • Reliable connection: IP and cellular connection tested every day
  • Built-in, stand alone Power Supply module. On board charging circuit design accommodates battery back-up. Includes primary power and battery supervision
  • Diagnostic LEDs indicate signal strength and status
  • QOS: Quality of Service diagnostics via AlarmNet conveys vital communicator information including signal strength, message path used, and when the message was received
  • 7720P Hand-held programmer for easy setupChoice of LTE provider services
Replaces IPGSM-4G.

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Dual Path Fire Alarm Communicator - Verizon LTE Model
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